About CHI

Daniel Boscaljon has been developing the Center for Humanist Inquiries for the past five years. Originally, working with Leslie Caton, Daniel’s expansive vision for human capability and the power of questions took the form of offering free online classes in the interdisciplinary humanities (for examples, see Daniel’s Archive).

Driven by a desire to find adult learners where they are, Daniel began moderating community meetings and also offering business consultations. Over the past year, Daniel has refined his training style and method. This allows him to provide professional instruction in settings that meet adults where they are: work spaces.

The vision for CHI is to gather innovative instructors from a variety of backgrounds in the humanities to begin offering the kinds of courses and training that remains outside of traditional disciplinary boundaries—the sorts of courses that fall between the cracks of an educational system increasingly focused on pragmatics instead of the pursuit of wonder. These courses include skill-based courses in traditional crafts (gardening, speaking, sewing, writing, drawing), conceptual courses in applied poetry or experimental theology, and courses in intentional motion combining dance, acting, and yoga.

Training and Consultation: CHI combines Daniel’s research in community formation, existential psychology and interpretation theory with his award winning experience as an educator, arts interviewer and reviewer, and professional mentor and trainer. The result is an approach to training and consultation that invests deeply in your organization’s well being, from the ground up. Daniel’s presentations harness his sense of humor, philosophical rigor, and appetite for wisdom to provide an experience that invites your organization to become more true to what it is.

Workshops and Classes: In addition to professional training and consulting, CHI also remains dedicated to offering workshops that nourish a deepened sense of human experience. Bringing together Daniel’s background in teaching critical and creative thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills, these workshops and classes explore human potential as an experimental interdisciplinary endeavor.