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Academic papers

“The Flip Side of Justice: The Two-Faced Spirit of the Dark Knight”

“Dis-Integration as a Model for Identifying Systematic Evil”

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Little Village MagAZINE Articles

Author interviews:

Jamie Quatro, Fire Sermon

Mark Mayer, Aerialists

Artist Interviews:

Awful Purdies:

Adrianne Lenker:
Damien Sneed:

Laura Gibson:
David Huckfelt:

Performance Reviews:

Ailey II:

Shovels and Rope:

Hinterlands 2018:

Milk Carton Kids:

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Movie Reviews:

Leave no Trace:


Won’t You Be My Neighbor:


The Sacred Profane Podcast


A podcast with J. Sage Elwell and Glenn Whitehouse

The Sacred Profane is dedicated to investigating how the questions and ideas that brought the best college courses and late night conversations to life emerge in everyday life and culture.

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Center for Humanist Inquiries

Click for a link to all Dan’s recorded CHI classes

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The Wonder of Thinking At All

Click to watch the full lecture that Daniel was invited to give as part of William Penn University’s Leaders Speak Series: ReGENerate (2017).