Announcing: The Thoughtful Life Working Workbook Blog!


Making Space for Yourself: Workbook

Making Space for Yourself is a ten part meditative workshop in the form of a podcast: it also will be accompanied in the form of a workbook that I hope to have completed by July. The workbook will consist of a modified transcript of the material presented in the podcast (for those of you who, like me, prefer the written word), an essay that describes what it means to put something into practice/what it is to do work, and a series of short lessons that pause for each of the portions of the each segment of the podcast (5 for each of the 10 segments). If you’re interested in reading along as I construct these entries, they’ll appear in this blog.

I will primarily use Twitter to announce updates to this—so please feel free to follow me at @DBoscaljon for updates about The Thoughtful Life (with occasional content regarding Coffee with Dan and Daniel’s other published work).