Making Space for Yourself Expansions!


I am working on two expansions of the Making Space for Yourself content that will be released in the upcoming weeks—by July, at the latest. These expansions constitute Phase II of Making Space for Yourself.

First, I am developing a workbook to correspond to each of the spaces outlines in Making Space for Yourself. The workbook breaks down each space into five separate tasks that you can carry out, helping to move from thought into action. These will begin with five entries on Introduction, move forward into Annihilation, and continue from there for a total of ten weeks.

Second, I’m developing a set of audio meditations that correspond to each of the ten core segments of Making Space for Yourself. The purpose of these meditations is to learn how to embody the concepts and feelings opened up within the spaces described. These will be shorter meditations—a brief framing for your thinking, followed by music that will allow you to think, write, or draw as forms of process.

My hope is to time these audio meditations as a way to anchor into iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms that I have learned (belatedly) did not automatically occur with the release of the initial Making Space for Yourself workshop.

Thank you for listening, and for those of you who have shared feedback with me along the way (which has largely prompted the work on Phase II and plans for Phase III). I hope that your experiences and encounters with the material has allowed you to embrace a more thoughtful life.

—Daniel Boscaljon

Daniel Boscaljon