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Coffee with Dan Personal Conferences

“I want my free will and I want it accompanying the path which leads to action.” — Rilke

Do you feel like you’re bored with life—that you have done everything you’re supposed to do but still feel empty, or like something is missing? Daniel offers you an individualized study plan, a recommended set of readings, and direction on possible projects to motivate meaningful living.


Coffee with Dan Professional Consultations

“Dreams — are well — but Waking’s better” — Dickinson

Trained in understanding relationships between parts and wholes, Daniel will help deepen your understanding of your academic or artistic work, will diagnose and debrief on dynamics within a corporate setting, and can work on developing your writing and speaking skills.


Coffee with dan Public Conversations

“If you are seeking, seek us with joy / For we live in the Kingdom of joy…” —Rumi

As a believer in lifelong education, Daniel is committed to public service through learning in the humanities. Coffee with Dan public conversations are always free and accessible discussions that range from chatting with candidates for local government to inquiring about why it is difficult to make a home in the everyday world.