Existential Acceptance

Confession, Confusion, Complaints

 One of the difficulties of our contemporary world is that it feels unsafe to admit the truth about ourselves, which results in feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. Some situations or circumstances involve past feelings that are healthy to express, but do not have a space that this expression would fit. This is particularly true for those who struggle with guilt or shame about a past or present circumstance. Daniel’s confessional services provides a format that lets you express what you have been holding back, and reflect back to you what he hears at the roots. If desired, Daniel will also question you concerning what, if any, forms of restitution seem desirable to make.

These are intended to be single, individual sessions rather than ongoing work more appropriate to a therapeutic situation.


$60 for a thirty-minute session

$90 for a one-hour session

$150 for a ninety-minute session