Individual Explorations

Guided Independent Studies and Projects

Brainstorming and Editing Sessions:

Daniel’s training in interpretation also equips him to serve as a mini-collaborator. He is able to listen to an idea and begin to ask questions about the components involved in making the idea real, looking at different possibilities and naming the different advantages that associate with each.

Academic papers and projects:

Daniel completed two doctoral degrees and published (edited and written) a number of books and articles. This background, combined with his training in the study of interpretation, allows Daniel to sense latent opportunities and missteps in arguments made within most humanities backgrounds. Having formally trained for many years as a writing consultant, Daniel can also advise on how to structure (or restructure) an argument and advise concerning how to most advantageously construct formal arguments.

Creative projects:

Daniel’s background in literary studies, extensive work as an arts critic, and his training in interpretation gives him the ability to serve as a creative mirror. He can help you start a project, moving past the frustrating stage of writer’s block (or creator’s block). If you’ve stalled in a project, his consultations can help you restart a project as he asks about structural decisions, your motivation and goals, and your working process.


$60 for a thirty-minute session

$90 for a one-hour session

$150 for a ninety-minute session

Guided Independent Studies and Projects:

Pursuing your own path often requires you to leave behind the common classes and hobbies that serve as diversions and pastimes to dig into something deeper—something that is uniquely you. Daniel’s skills as an interviewer will help you discover the project you’ve always wanted to accomplish, the resources you have that will help, and the skills that you’ll be able to acquire as you pursue it.

**Evaluation and brainstorming session concerning new kinds of goals

**Creation of a reading list and particular exercises tailored toward your goal

**Accountability toward individual self-improvement goals beyond self-help

**Discussion of how the project relates to personal transformations

Daniel is also happy to facilitate work on particular creative projects—writing, music, academics, research, art. This will allow critical accountability—discussions of the pace of your project, ways to develop it, and encouragement to keep it moving forward.


Prices are determined based on project and by number of meetings required. The first session is two hours long and involves an in-depth exploration of your current/present perspective, the past traditions that are most comfortable for you, the circumstantial questions that arise for you. Clients will receive feedback reflecting the present, the goal, the trajectory, potential obstacles, resources and tools already possessed, and a personal syllabus. Subsequent sessions are sixty minutes long. They involve working on your progress toward your goal, checking in, and making adjustments to your syllabus as appropriate. Although the advised scale for a project is a year, these sometimes conclude quickly given an increased velocity.