Intellectual Development

Confidence in Critical and Creative Thinking

Many people approaching the second half of life suffer from ennui, or boredom—or the sense that their mental powers have atrophied since the end of formal education. Using his vast knowledge of literature, Daniel recommends readings and activities that interrupt the assumptions that make life feel small in order to help you explore a life filled with wonder, gratitude and generosity. Expanding your innate ability to think critically will allow you to become more confident in stating questions that unfold the vast mysteries of your everyday life. You also will learn more strategies to develop critical thinking, speaking, and writing resources

Method: Daniel’s approach to philosophical life coaching emphasizes the tools and skills of critical thinking that provide deeper levels of understanding the present. This often involves becoming more aware of the process of interpretation, which allows you to examine different points of view on different possible questions.

Progress: Progress is measured by understanding the question/the present, becoming more adept at using tools and developing resources that allow you to focus on conceptual problems in either your work or your personal life.

Inner Resources: Daniel has years of experience encouraging students to develop their critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills. His training and teaching in theology, psychology, and literature has provided him with an understanding of the basic resources that humans have for openness, analysis, and synthesis.

Tools: Daniel’s familiarity with a wide range of philosophical and literary books and experience as a tutor and teacher allows him to make precise recommendations about how to develop your abilities in critical reading, writing, speaking, thinking, and argumentation.

Results: Work in intellectual development provides you with an expanded set of options with which to engage situations. This will give you better facility in personal enjoyment (appreciating beauty), social interactions (knowing how to listen and speak with others more skillfully), and problem solving (having confidence to anticipate potential challenges and grow when experiencing them).


Session One: Free: This is 30 minutes long and is meant as an introduction, allowing you to meet Daniel to see if it is a good fit, and for him to determine whether his expertise would be useful or if another service might be better.

Session Two: Negotiable. This is 90 minutes long and involves an in-depth exploration of your current/present perspective, the past traditions that are most comfortable for you, the circumstantial questions that arise for you. The goal is to set up a syllabus with specific learning goals that are sustainable and achievable within your everyday life.

Sessions Three and beyond: Negotiable. Subsequent sessions are sixty minutes long. They allow questions on completed work, conversations on how it is applicable, and discussions about the next set of assignments.