Practical Discernment

Proactive Possibilities in Difficult Situations

 Challenging Circumstances:

Sometimes life presents you with a situation that seems difficult to understand, and it is useful to find someone to listen and ask questions that will move you to clarity. Personal conversations about these situations will allow you to be responsive to a situation that has developed, rather than reactive to events or others.

As is true in therapy situations, these conversations will mirror back to you what you seem to be thinking about the situation, without providing direct advice about a course of action that you should take. At most, Daniel will write down a list of pros and cons that seem to unfold based in different decision possibilities. Unlike therapy, the conversation will be limited to a single problem or decision that you are facing. Daniel’s work involves listening, clarifying, discerning, and then empowering—looking for what you have available to you that will allow you to navigate through the crisis, problem, or situation that you confront.

The work in these sessions involves:

**Understanding the problem,

**Understanding the situation around the problem,

**Understanding what resolving the problem might mean

**Understanding tools that may offer resolution

Because these sessions are intended to provide an alternate perspective on a specific

situation, there will be a maximum of three sessions related to a single issue.


$60 for a thirty-minute session

$90 for a one-hour session

$150 for a ninety-minute session