Spiritual Direction

Contemplation, Compassion, and Creativity

 Daniel’s training in religious studies emphasized philosophical theology and existential psychology in a secular context. Since then, his work as a scholar in theological humanism and agnosticism has been to transform traditional understandings of “God” and “religion” into how humans can embrace deep and meaningful lives consistent with a general worldview that no longer assumes a universal acceptance of Christianity. This allows Daniel to appreciate understandings from a variety of traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Mysticism, New Age Spirituality/Energy practices, Wicca/Neo-Pagan practices) with an eye toward how they confirm human possibilities toward the future. For Daniel, the “truth” of a person’s spiritual understanding is confirmed by emphasizing the calm and confidence produced by enjoying the questions and paradoxes opened by symbols of ultimate meaning.


Daniel’s approach to spiritual direction looks to long term and short term horizons toward which you are oriented in the present, and involves learning to ask questions about current points of apparent conflict that open space to contemplate.


Progress is measured by understanding the question/the present, becoming more adept at tools and resource that orient you to the future.

Inner Resources:

Daniel stipulates that most religious practices work through developing a familiarity with the intuition, attention, and intention. Sessions may involve working toward how to integrate these resources in your daily life.


Daniel’s familiarity with tools used in a number of different spiritual practices allows him to offer recommendations. These include: prayer, meditation, tarot cards, I Ching, Astrology, energy/subtle body exercises.


Work in spiritual direction allows you to develop deeper practices in contemplation that allows you to wrestle meaningfully with questions, develop compassion for others who are struggling in the world, and to develop creative practices that let you begin to symbolically represent your future as it is unfolds.


Session One: Free. This is 30 minutes long and is meant as an introduction, allowing you to meet Daniel to see if it is a good fit, and for him to determine whether his expertise would be useful or if another service might be better.

Session Two: Negotiable. This is 90 minutes long and involves an in-depth exploration of your current/present perspective, the past traditions that are most comfortable for you, the circumstantial questions that arise for you. Clients will receive a full report of where they are, where they are heading, the obstacles that seem to be blocking them, the resources and tools they possess to help them, other resources and skills that they could develop.

Sessions Three and beyond: Negotiable. Subsequent sessions are sixty minutes long. They involve working on understanding the present question, on understanding spiritual resources to help, on developing familiarity with tools, on understanding obstacles. Each session will begin by understanding a primary and secondary goal for the day.