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Intuitive Thinking through Tarot Interpretation 2: How to Ask Questions

This workshop series shows how tarot cards provide one avenue for developing intuitive thinking skills. Putting aside the possibility of using the cards as a source of spiritual guidance, this workshop offers a philosophical, historical, and practical inquiry into the possibilities of tarot cards to become a more agile, proactive thinker.

Workshops will be held on alternating Mondays from 7-9pm in June & July 2019: June 17, July 1, July 15.

The session begins with a discussion of how tools tend to frame and limit the sorts of questions that we ask, and how becoming familiar with these limitations can allow for a more robust and expansive form of questioning. This emphasis on tools will be concretely complemented by a discussion of the tarot deck, focusing on how numerology and the individual suits are grounded in a well-rounded understanding of human capabilities.

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