You know that technology that seems to exist in every science fiction scenario that allows beings from different alien races and solar systems to understand each other? Daniel is the embodiment of that technology. As a skillful interlocutor and listener Dan can synthesize the elements of the unknown into a coherent whole, dedicating himself to helping people understand the world they live in and themselves. 

—Katie Roche

Development Director, The Englert Theatre


Working with Dan is akin to experiencing an ideal state where your innermost thoughts and sentiments are given voice.  Dan sees and helps to see, and then he articulates in detail that exceeds description and reaches co-creation.  As a collaborator Dan is truly a friend and an ally.   He is the kind of gifted communicator that is essential to complex human problem solving. 

—Leighton Smith

Director of Client Service, BerganKDV


 Dan is a thoughtful, introspective writer and conversationalist able to coax meaning and connection with every comment and question. As a moderator and interviewer, Dan expertly guides collaborators towards a more intelligible truth. He speaks and listens with a depth and compassion rare in this world.

—Vero Smith

Associate Curator of the Legacies for Iowa Project, UI Stanley Museum of Art

I have worked with Dan on multiple levels within the world of academia: publishing, editing, conference organisation, committee work, policy-making, and long, late night pontifications, confabulations and prognostications that have closed down intimate bars and bistros across Europe. I can truthfully say that I have never met a more Generous, impassioned scholar. Whatever the endeavour – thinking, writing, editing, presenting, moderating, planning, advising – Dan gives of himself wholly, without remainder, without exception.”

Andrew Hass

Reader in Religion, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Stirling