The Thoughtful Life provides a set of structured digital materials that examine existential questions and provide practical paths toward living a more engaged, meaningful existence. Each podcast and blog post series blends philosophy, literature, theology, psychology, science, art, and humor that offer listeners and readers an enjoyable deep dive into life’s rich questions.


The thoughtful Life Podcast

The first meditative series, “Making Space for Your Self,” is a ten part analysis of different ways you inhabit space, different options you have for making it, and different ways that you can think of your self as a result. You can access all ten episodes here:

The thougHtful life blog:

In anticipation of the workbook for the series, which hopefully will be published by the end of the year, The Thoughtful Life blog will provide readers with different ways to work through the material provided in the podcast series. Posts will feature a combination of questions for self-reflection and exercises based on the material from the podcast.

…the thoughtful life courses (Expected: 2021)

Daniel plans to provide a platform for interactive and engaged learning communities to come together and explore what the thoughtful life might entail. These will consist of explorations of some of what he believes are standout texts from a variety of intellectual traditions that cross traditional disciplinary lines.

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Daniel Boscaljon possesses a unique drive to understand and articulate the deeper questions of why we live, and uses his education to experiment with how to live thoughtfully. Your contributions allow him to devote his time to thinking through podcasts and blogs that provide a creative and accessible perspective toward living optimal, beautiful, and joyful human lives. Click the DONATE button below to learn more.